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About Our Founder

Birth Name :Stayen Vaghelasatyen
Born :27th November 1968
Genres:Indian Classical, Folk Music, Light Music
Occupations:Music Composer, Music producer, Music Director,
Singer, Anchor, Sound Designer & Event Organizer.
Instruments :Vocals, Keyboard, Piano.
Years active:1989 – present
Labels:Crazy Beats Group of Companies.

Satyen Vaghela is a well known & a well experienced Person in the field of music. His works are notable as Music Composer-Producer-Director & as well as Event Organizer. He has been awarded as ‘The Best Music Director of Gujarat ‘ in the year 2001 by Transmedia Mumbai. He has composed different forms of music for various projects like jingles, advt., dramas, docudramas, documentary films & songs  . He has been involved in events of  many well   known   multinational companies. Satyen  is currently one of the leading Musician of Gujarat.

Early Life & Career Launching

Satyen Vaghela was born in Ahmadabad, Gujarat in 1968. His music affluent father A.G. Vaghela used to teach him music from his small age, So his musical training started very early under his father. He practiced vocal and harmonium then.

During his school time he was very active and leading students in every cultural activities like Music, Acting, & Writing. His musical journey continued in his college life & he formed/shaped a band by gathering his school couliges. He used to vocal & play keyboard in that ‘band of brothers/friends’. His curiosity in Keyboard Synthesizer increased because he believed that it was the best combination of Music & Technology.

After completion of his studies in Civil Engineering at Gandhi College, Surat, he joined Visual Art Center, Ahmadabad to resume his musical activity in A ‘bad. Corresponding this he also started his work as a civil Engineer.

At Visual Art center he grew up as a better musician under Mr. Subhash Shah, Director of Visual Art Center, A’bad. From there he got exposer to compose music for many remarkable projects.

He mastered keyboard & Sound Engineering under Mr. Amit Bhavsar. It was 1990, when he Started his own band named ‘Crazy Beats’ and entered/ arrived in the field of A’bad.

Crazy beats developed gradually with its mesmerizing performances and incredible audience support. Though he was a civil engineer, he always involved much in music due to his fascination towards music. Finally in 1995 musician inside him won and he finally fare welled/leftward the construction field and totally involved in music.


Satyen worked at A’bad at Music composer for many Gujarati drama, Documentary film, and NGOs. His Orchestra Crazy Beats performed live and earned love and appreciations of society. Since 1996 Crazy Beats is expanded to Crazy Beats group of Companies. Then he started his work as an event organizer and involved with various corporate events and festivals celebrations especially Navaratri. In 2010 he established Sarang Music school-Studio for Music education & Production.

Some of the prestigious projects undertaken

A) T.V. Serials – Films – Dramas – Documentaries

Jesal – Toral              ( A Record break serial on DD-1)
Haiya na Hastakshar  ( 8 awards winner drama )
King Oedipus              ( Greek Tragedy )
Parakh             ( German Play )
Gilotin no Goto           ( Comedy Serial )
Rupiya ma ramto manas ( more than 400 shows )
Satya na panthe        ( Based on Gandhiji’s Dandi March )
Changara ( A documentary made by Govt. of India in collaboration with Govt. of Germany )

B) Institutes – Organizations – Ngos

National Institute Of Design
All India Radio
Visual Art Centre
Eklavya Foundation
Handicap International
Aagakhan Rural Support Project ( AKRSP )
Dept. of Youth & Culture, Govt. of Gujarat

C) Audio – Video Albums

Jaan ma aavjo
Sarjak ane Shabda
Halla Gulla Haso Hasao

D) Mega Events

Gujarat Day Celebration on 1st May, 2004 at Indoor Stadium, Surat
International Kite Festival – 2005 at Police Stadium, A’bad
Gujarat Social Forum – 2006 in A’bad

Special Achievement :    Awarded as  “ The Best Music Director of Gujrat “ by Trans Media –  Mumbai in the year 2001

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